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Pharos Network




To achieve the goal of increasing market shares, RPN worked on the creation of a European market access network: the Pharos Network.

Pharos is a highly specialised consulting network of 5 renowned agencies located in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain, all with experience in delivering a successful launch across Europe at a fair price.

Through a systemic approach the network takes care of introducing new drugs in Europe according to European regulations, it then offers specific assistance according to the legislation of the different countries. In fact, it can support companies with efficient, key-in hand Pricing and Market Access services that are recognised as creative, focused, valuable and excellent.

The Network service offerings are wide and spread:


  • Strategic analysis of environmental information
  • EU-5 market access and pricing strategies
  • Requests for advice meetings with HTA and regulatory agencies
  • Evidence generation and review
  • Reimbursement file submissions
  • Scientific (MA) Dossier writing
  • Stakeholder engagement plans and activities (sounding boards, campaigning etc.)
  • Pricing research & value demonstration services
  • Cost-effectiveness modelling
  • Price negotiation support
  • Contracting with payers
  • Wholesale license and distribution
  • Listing in transparency lists
  • Early Access Programs
  • Collection and analysis of real-world evidence
  • Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)


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