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The responsible Authority for the evaluation of the advertising concerning OTC/SOP medicinal products on social medial in Italy is the Ministry of Health (MoH).

In general, according to the MoH guidelines the advertising messages shall be static and cannot be modified. Therefore, the use of social media that allow the users to leave and share their own opinions can compromise this mandatory requirement. For this reason, the MoH only authorizes the use of some social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, respecting the above mentioned rule and other peculiar requirements, specific for each social media.

Each Company owner of OTC/SOP medicinal products can request the authorization for the advertising on social media respecting these specific requirements and keeping in mind that the advertising message must not be misleading.

Regulatory Pharma Net is available to provide your company with any updates on social media advertising regulatory framework and to successfully guide your company in the preparation and submission to the MoH of promotional campaigns on social media.

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