Gabriele Maria Pistillo -

The Italian HTA Society (SIHTA) has recently published a Position Paper which aims at indicating a possible evolution of the HTA activities carried out in Italy.

This represents a proposal for a homogeneous organizational model that could lead to the definition of an “Italian HTA System“, strategically conceived for the management of health technologies, as a new benefit for the NHS.

The SIHTA proposal which summarizes the structure and governance of a possible future National HTA Agency (AIHTA) is summarized in the following points:


  1. Establishment of the ITALIAN AGENCY OF HTA (AIHTA) which must consider the entire world of healthcare technologies as its domain of interest (Medical Devices, Biomedical Equipment, ICT-IA Tools, Medicines, Procedures, Organizational Models, LEA , PDTA, etc.).
  2. Establishment of the HTA REGIONAL UNITS (NRHTA) capable of gathering and enhancing the skills and needs of the various structures of excellence in its territory.
  3. Establishment of the HTA HOSPITAL UNITS (UOHTA) in the IRCCS, university hospitals (public and private), large healthcare companies and regional hub hospitals.
  4. Establishment of COLLABORATIVE CENTERS (CC) to support the assessment activities conducted by AIHTA and NRHTAs.


In summary, this proposal, outlines a model of direction and planning of HTA activities carried out by different institutions at various levels (from national to regional / local) in order to contribute and influence the government and innovation activities of the health technologies and also to increase the chances of patient access to the benefits guaranteed by technological innovation.

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