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At the end of 2020, 20/21 Italian Regions, activated a Cancer Registry and 17/21 formalized a governing body of the Oncology Network.

When it comes to Oncology Networks, the map of Italy is extremely diversified (Figure 1). The most widely used organizational and managerial models are the Hub & Spoke and the Comprehensive Cancer Care Network (CCCN), or a mixture of both models.


Figure 1. Oncology Networks Organizational and Management Models in Italy


This is a snapshot on the implementation status of the Regional Oncology Networks taken by Agenas in the “2020 Summary Report”. The document briefly describes the results of the Fourth National Survey, conducted using a standardized Grid to describe and monitor the quali-quantitative functionality and the state of implementation of Oncology Networks in the second half of 2020.

The Evaluation Grid, shared with the Technical Committees of the Regional Oncology Networks, contains 142 items, divided into four thematic areas:

1) Basic structure: planning, governance, organization-function and structural resources, personnel, technological and economical resources; these are the basic elements used to describe the network infrastructure, essential for comparability across the different regional healthcare systems.

2) Operational mechanisms: functioning and qualitative aspects of the networks, i.e. healthcare processes (patient care, Diagnostic and Care Pathway – PDTA, protected and/or assisted discharge, monitoring, quality and safety), support (training) and strategic-managerial processes (verification and monitoring).

3) Social processes: Integration between all healthcare medical and non-medical professionals operating within the Network.

4) Results: output and outcome data, and the degree satisfaction perceived by citizens (perceived quality and humanization of care).

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Regulatory Pharma Net is available to provide additional insight on the implementation status of the Regional Oncology Networks in Italy.

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